Thursday, February 13, 2020



Richard said...

~~Round Earth ~~

Am I doing it right?

Happy valentine’s thanks for the boobs

kev ferrara said...

Now I don't know who said this quote first. I thought it was a Philip K. Dick coinage.

Here’s an article on K. Dick’s 1978 speech that contains the quote. I think it dovetails with your cartoon.

Would be interested to read the passage where Phillipos Legras (a new name to me) offers the similar quote, but I can't find it online.

Happy Valentine's Day and best wishes to you and all,

zoe said...

Delightfully Thurberian.

David Apatoff said...

Richard-- My pleasure.

Kev Ferrara-- I was aware of the Philip K. Dick attribution as well. When I first read this quote it was attributed to Legras in Peter Viereck's epic poem, Archer In The Marrow. Viereck wrote his poem mostly in the 1960s but continued to revise it until 1987, so I can't really say whether Legras predated Dick. But Viereck was a Pulitzer prize winning poet who translated and quoted obscure source material from several languages, and Archer in the Marrow was big news at the time. (Brodsky wrote that it was an event on a par with Ezra Pound's cantos.) Legras was a new name to me too, but Viereck quoted him alongside Nietzsche, Wagner, Thomas Hardy, Verlaine, Hegel, Euripedes and Sandor Ferenczi-- good company to be in.

Happy Valentine's day to you and yours as well.

Zoe-- Thanks, It hadn't occurred to me but you're right. I hope this gargantuan lady is a little more benevolent than Thurber's.

Tom said...

Nice curves David! Which tells me that man is not standing on "terra firma."

Chris said...


I just discovered your blog. I'm really enjoying it! Question: Do you have a post on the top 5-10 books that any fan of illustration should read to develop a core understanding of the style and its greats? Or other books on "seeing" and reading illustrations and art?

I noticed that you and other commenters are frequently dropping illustrators' names. Sure, i can Google them. But I'd like a physical object I can pull off the shelf to reference.


Chris N.

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