Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Last year on Valentine's Day, my enthusiasm got the better of my critical judgment and I posted one of the valentines that my sweetie and I design each year for friends (she provides the words, I do the drawing).

Since some of you didn't seem to mind last year's valentine too much, I'm posting another one this year-- a different type of drawing for a different kind of quote.

Rest assured that tomorrow I'll regain my high standards. But for now, Happy Valentine's day to all of you!


Mick said...

Good souls, both of you.
Happy Valentines for a couple of days

Anonymous said...

Well, this one is quite different than the two I've seen before. I like it. Sorta edgy. Neo. Punk.

I thought I had commented on the previous post, but since I don't see it, I must have experienced thought interuptus. Symptom of mid age...

Although I agree with you (mostly) about the role digital art may/does/will play hence forth, I still think there is a place in our hearts for those things we make with our hands. Our technology has moved "forward," but our primative brains still respond to old methods. I believe that we are driven to create. And the creation requires a palbability, tactileness, manual production if you will, to feel real. As lovely as digital art may be, I think we feel the need to physically create. That's why babies get so excited when they poop; they made it. Why bake cookies from scratch, why make a gourmet meal, why build our kids tree house with old boards? Because we make it. Did you make the art on your computer? Yes, but I think we will always need that feeling of the nib on the paper you mentioned. It is a physical and sensual experience that alone can satisfy the caveman inside us who painted on walls by torchlight. -cp