Monday, July 19, 2021


 Tom Fluharty is an artist with great enthusiasms.  

When he became enthused about dogs, he produced a torrent of drawings and paintings of dogs.  

They were marvelous-- funny, smart and truly insightful about the nature of dogs.

Then for a while he became infatuated with sharks.  He also produced a series of pictures of rock stars, and then a series of orchestra conductors.  Each time, he burrowed into his theme with enthusiasm and energy.  You can see in his drawings the pleasure he takes in playing with the character of his subjects.  

Now it's time for cowboys.

Fluharty has produced a brand new book full of drawings of cowboys.  

As with his previous infatuations his cowboy pictures are a delight, full of loving details, hilarious facial expressions and a variety of situations.  

The book contains 72 pages of new drawings in Fluharty's trademark indigo blue pencil.  I recommend it to all connoisseurs of draftsmanship.  

Fluharty's web site offers two options.  You can either order the regular book, or for those interested in owning an original, Fluharty is also offering a special inscribed edition of the book with an original drawing.    


MORAN said...


chris bennett said...

Good grief, these are so good!
I find the dog drawings of particular interest, because they make it even more apparent how, in order to understand something, in this case a dog, we imaginatively embody it with ourselves, and why this is reciprocal; that by the same means, a dog can understand us.

kev ferrara said...

Truly great.

Anonymous said...

I've loved Fluharty's work since I first read about him on this blog. Never thought I could own one of his drawings until now.