Saturday, June 18, 2022


Milton Glaser had guts.  Here is his unconventional drawing of Count Basie.


On this blog we've seen many imaginative pictures of a pianist sitting at a keyboard.

Peter Max

Joe Ciardiello

Nick Galifianakis

Bernie Fuchs

Some are clever, some are colorful, some are funny, some are sensitive. Each is excellent in its own way; but only Glaser had the audacity to turn the piano over to achieve this bold, flat design.  It takes a lot of design muscle to lift a piano.   

I love this immense paw, laid down wet.

Glaser was first and foremost a designer, and over a long, long career he kept flipping pianos upside down.  Gotta admire that. 


chris bennett said...

I like your lifting pianos take on this David, but the treatment used here would have been better applied to someone like McCoy Tyner, a heavy-handed, aggressive player, rather than Basie whose trademark style was delicate, sparse and elegant.

MORAN said...

You're right it takes guts to make a hand that way.

kev ferrara said...

The comical heft of the figure looks influenced by Robert Riggs, a ghost in Glaser's work I've detected before.

Glaser's lovely signature, loose technique, and the piece's graphic design make this worth the price of admission.

From the face and body, I wouldn't have guessed Basie. Also Basie didn't play the piano with his feet.

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Caterina said...

how ballsy you have to be to interpret a piano that way. just letting the figure makes us believe without a doubt that that black simple shape is a piano.

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